For Patients


Dr. Haggerty opened Anesthesiology and Pain Management Consultants, Inc. on July 18, 2011 to provide professional, safe, and effective pain management to the Knoxville metropolitan area. He is Board Certified by both the American Board of Anesthesiology and the American Board of Pain Medicine. Dr. Haggerty is a member of multiple professional organizations, a published author, and an attending physician at Tennova Healthcare.

  • Both clinic locations continue to be fully certified by the Tennessee Department of Health. We have always been in compliance with the American Society of Anesthesiologists Pain Guidelines, which is the primary resource of pain guidelines for the government. We have been open in the same locations for 6 years.
  • We are dedicated to providing the full range of treatments and therapies with the goal of returning you to the best possible safe quality of life. Our goal is the best outcome for you, the patient.
  • We offer medical and interventional (procedures) management as well as access to equipment, physical therapy, consultation, and specialty referral to achieve this goal.
  • We do NOT offer procedures we do not think are going to work, repeat procedures that have not worked, or hold medications hostage to force you to have procedures.
  • If we believe there is a procedure that will help you, we are honor bound to tell you and to make it available.
  • While we provide access to braces and other equipment, we do not sell them ourselves. We do not have a medication dispensary, a medical equipment license, or any untested direct-bill machinery.

We follow the basic principles of: trust but verify, treat others as you wish to be treated, do what you are good at, don’t separate authority from responsibility, and in the first place do no harm. These principles have allowed us to grow in both size and reputation over the last six years. If this is what you are looking for to get your pain under control, please go to our admissions page. We look forward to meeting you.