George Gonzales, PA-C

Mr Gonzales grew up in a military family, mother was born in Alabama and 
father was from New Mexico.

After one year in college he elected to enter the military, following 
his fathers footsteps he enrolled in the AF and spent the first 15 years 
in Para-rescue where he became involved in combat rescue.  After Vietnam 
he returned to the states and continued with the Air Force specializing 
in rescue and providing medical care to personnel not accessible by 
conventional means.  His interest in medicine prompted him into applying 
and being accepted in the Physician Assistant program through the Air 
Force.  Graduated from University of Oklahoma he remained in the Air 
Force as a Physician Assistant, first working in Family Practice then 
completing a graduate program for Orthopedic Physician Assistant.  
Retired from Air Force in 1985 he  moved to TN with his family.  Since 
moving to this state he spent most of his time working in the Emergency 
Room of various hospital, other job assignments has been in occupational 
medicine, urgent care clinics and finally in Pain Management.

Mr. Gonzales lives in Knoxville along with his Wife.  Has two children 
and 4 grand-kids.  His son followed the military tradition and is a Lt 
Colonel in Dover Delaware. His daughter resides in Colorado.  Hobbies 
include animal husbandry, gardening and spending time with his family.